What is UI/UX?

What is UI/UX?

User Interface (UI) — A specialization of web design that deals with the controls people use to interact with a website or app, including button displays and gesture controls.

User Experience (UX) — Another specialization of web design, this one deals with user behavior and feeling when using the site or app. UX design encapsulates many other areas, but views them from the perspective of the user.

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Designers who can code sometimes label themselves as the all-in-one package, but in reality they’re more limited than two separate specialists (though sometimes this might be a smart hire if you have a simple site).

UI designers have many overlapping skills with web designers, so some people will use those titles interchangeably.

What is UI/UX?
What is UI/UX?

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UX and UI are often lumped together, considering they’re both sub-specializations.

UX is often treated as a skill in other professions, even outside of design, such as a product management.

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